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The World's first and only ladder that attaches to Ice, Piers and Boats. Created by a Public Safety Diver for Public Safety Divers.


    Weeb Enterprises, LLC knows that saving lives for a living is what you do. You rely on your rescue gear. A new heavyweight in rescue equipment was built by Weeb and it doesn’t weigh much at all — the Penguin Ice Ladder!


    The world’s first ice ladder is an example of how Weeb is changing the dynamics of water rescue equipment. The ladder is a stainless steel diving supply apparatus that’s designed to get a diver out of the water during a rescue mission unassisted. The versatile rescue safety ladder, which weighs less than 65 pounds, is a helpful rescue tool whether its an ice rescue operation, a pier or dock mission in New York or on a boat in Florida. Plus, it takes only minutes to put together and store after the mission or training exercise is completed.


    The Penguin Ice Ladder is one-of-a-kind rescue safety equipment built by rescuers for rescuers. The ladder was invented by Chris Smith, a diver/firefighter for the McHenry Township Fire Protection District in Illinois. His creation provides an efficient way to carry out a water rescue operation.


    The ice ladder built by Weeb creates a much safer rescue environment for everyone involved. It allows the rescue team to work fast and without the threat of injury from sprains and strains. Until now, those injuries occurred when rescue personnel pulled divers from the water. But no more thanks to the Penguin Ice Ladder from Weeb.









    McHenry Township Fire Protection District


    “Had it not been for the ice ladder the day of our dive training we would have had to cancel. We were limited on surface help, which would have made it impossible to get divers out of the hole. The ladder took minimal time to set up and was just what needed to make the dive a success. The ladder did not interfere with any rope patterns or dive operations. When it came time for divers to exit the water they were able to climb out fully geared up (including fins) under there own power and no assistance needed and little effort.


    The ladder was sturdy and never moved during the whole drill. After using the ladder I realized there is no other way divers should have to be extracted from the water. It is not worth the risk of serious injury or safety to personnel assisting divers in or out of the water. The ladder is truly the answer!”


    Lt. Chris Mann


    McHenry Township Fire Protection District








    Elk Grove Village Fire Department


    “Under extreme circumstances the Penguin Ice Ladder made entry and exit of the diver a breeze. We were operating on a river with current, in an ice dive situation. Using sonar, targets were identified with multiple holes being cut for diver access. The Penguin ladder system allowed easy access with limited effort by the diver without the need for additional support personnel to aid in diver removal. This was a key factor in the mission success; the ice was rather thin and more support member would have over weighted the ice shelf.

    This was the one incident that the ladder proved itself outside of the training ground. In the future I will make sure we have a Penguin Ice Ladder at our incidents.”


    Todd Rishling, PSSI

    Water Rescue Team Leader

    Elk Grove Village Fire Department

    Lake/McHenry Counties Dive Rescue Team


  • WHY?

    INCREASES SAFETYInjuries do not discriminate. Safety is the #1 priority whether it is an actual incident or a training. The Penguin Ice Ladder keeps your divers and support team/staff safe and healthy. REDUCES RISK OF INJURIESRoughly 48% of fire department related injuries are strains and sprains.Injuries can lead to increased costs due to:• Time Off• Overtime• Medical Bills• Legal Expenses• Long Term Disability• Unemployment Insurance Expenses• Additional Staffing for Employee Replacement VERSATILITYThe ability of the Penguin Ice Ladder to be used in dock and pier operations lends to the use of the ladder in none ice applications. EXCLUSIVE LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTYWeeb Enterprises, LLC believes in the craftsmanship and quality of materials used in the Penguin Ice Ladder. The Penguin Ice Ladder is manufactured to precision specifications to last a lifetime. We stand behind it 100%. EASY TO MAINTAIN AND USEThe Penguin Ice Ladder is manufactured to be deployed very quickly and easily. It can be set up and broken down in less than 5 minutes. It is constructed out of 304 Stainless Steel. There is very little care needed to maintain it for many years to come. Just rinse it off with fresh water and it is ready for its next deployment. LOW COST OF OWNERSHIPOver the life of the Penguin Ice Ladder the cost is pennies a day. 

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